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The story of how one man’s personal pain became a professional triumph that transformed a military and redefined its medical approach to psychological injuries.

This book conveys a non-clinical prescription for a new mental health dialogue: one where the “patient” is actively involved in their journey to recovery.

The book is co-authored by Dr. Adam Montgomery and is due out in 2018.



Stéphane Grenier

When it comes to mental health, Stéphane Grenier walks the talk.

He was appointed to the Order of Canada and awarded an honourary Doctor of Laws degree by the University of Guelph and Humber College for his contributions to the field of workplace mental health. In April of 2019, Stephane was named Honorary Patron – Youth Mental Health and Wellness for the Natasha’s Wood Foundation.

Stéphane’s riveting keynotes are not only thought-provoking, but also lead to tangible action and sustainable change for those leaders who are prepared to rethink how they support their people.

His autobiography, After the War: Surviving PTSD and Changing Mental Health Culture, tells his story from the day he landed in the midst of the Rwandan genocide, through his journey of changing mental health culture in the Canadian military, developing national Guidelines for Peer Support with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, all the way to creating Mental Health Innovations (MHI); a consultancy that leads innovative and sustainable change in organizations to enhance the mental health of their people.

Today, he and his business partners, along with countless associates, develop non-clinical mental health interventions as a compliment to traditional clinical care for private and public sector organizations, as well as for provincial healthcare systems.

Stéphane’s vision is a world where people no longer face barriers to good mental health.

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