ABOUT: Stéphane is a powerful speaker who provides a nice blend of evidence base, personal experiences and humor, allowing audiences a firm understanding of how we need to re-humanize the healing and recovery process.

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Keynote Abstract

Leveraging the World’s Largest Untapped Mental Health Resource: People

In today’s modern workplace, mental health problems have become the leading cause of disability claims, accounting for 70% of workplace disability management costs in Canada. Stéphane knows the toll mental health problems can take on individuals and workplaces firsthand. Traditionally, mental health difficulties in the workplace have been principally viewed through two lenses: the performance lens and the clinical one. Clinicians treat symptoms, and leaders manage behaviours.

Anchored in decades of experience in improving the way large, public- and private- sector organizations support their employees, Grenier provides his audiences with pragmatic advice on how to support workplaces in developing corporate cultures of open, non-stigmatizing approaches to mental health and well-being.

Blending lived accounts, riveting corporate case studies, leading-edge research and passionate arguments that the status quo is no longer acceptable in the field of workplace mental health, Stéphane makes us ask ourselves, how did we miss the obvious? How did we miss our people?

Speaker Profile:

When it comes to mental health, Stéphane Grenier walks the talk.

He was appointed to the Order of Canada and awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree by the University of Guelph and Humber College for his contributions to the field of workplace mental health.

Stéphane’s riveting keynotes are not only thought-provoking, but also lead to tangible action and sustainable change for those leaders who are prepared to rethink how they support their people.

His autobiography, After the War: Surviving PTSD and Changing Mental Health Culture, tells his story from the day he landed in the midst of the Rwandan genocide, through his journey of changing mental health culture in the Canadian military, developing national Guidelines for Peer Support with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, all the way to creating Mental Health Innovations (MHI); a consultancy that leads innovative and sustainable change in organizations to enhance the mental health of their people.

Today, he and his business partners, along with countless associates, develop non-clinical mental health interventions as a complement to traditional clinical care for private and public sector organizations, as well as for provincial healthcare systems.

Stéphane’s vision is a world where people no longer face barriers to good mental health.

What others have said about Stéphane’s keynotes >>

“I have to say we’ve had speakers come and go, but by far, not one has impacted our audience like you.”                                                               Organizational Development Specialist, City of Windsor

“Franc, honest, no BS, it’s about time! Amazingly insightful fellow beyond his personal journey! Past victim – moved to advocate – takes a strong, confident person. Please bring Stephane back, I want everyone to hear this! Fantastic.”
Ontario Nurses’ Association Meeting 

“He spoke powerfully, compassionately and with great clarity—all from his heart. He was able to describe his personal experience in a manner that included context and possible solutions.”
Executive Director, Sky Works Charitable Foundation

“He’s personable, energetic, and funny, so he was very interesting to listen to. I also enjoyed the reflection that Stéphane was proposing in his presentation, the why we should have such a program, what it is and what it is not.”
Corporate Human Resources Advisor, Employment & Social Development Canada

“Stephane is an excellent speaker who fosters a sincere understanding of mental health challenges. A true inspiration! Thank you!”
Annual Labour Law Conference

“It was the most heart wrenching and eye opening talk I have ever heard anyone give.”
Inspector Animal Health, Canadian Food Inspection Agency

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